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Inspired by those of the dancers, these little ballerinas are laced at the ankle for good performance. Original, their soles of colors close but different. Presented in the April 2012 issue of, they are made in rice stitch.

Unique size


Phil Thalassa Phildar Quality

1 ball Bengal color

1 ball of Poppy color

1 ball slate color

Aviso Quality of Phildar

1 ball Grenadine color

Needles n ° 3

Hook n ° 3


Pt foam: tric. always at the end.

Pt of rice: ribs 1/1 thwarted at ch. rg.

Double suture: slip 1 m. to the end., tric. the 2 m. following ens. to the end., pass the m. slipped on the m. obtained.

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