Teddy bear

Teddy bear

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A sweet little bear knitted for your cub to you! What make you want to cuddle ... a soft bra with round neck that closes with small buttons in the back. A model from birth to 2 years.

Sizes: a: birth (b: 3 months / c: 6 months / d: 12 months / e: 18 and 24 months)


Quality Partner 3.5 of Phildar: 2 (2-3-3-4) balls color White, 1 (1-1-1-1) ball color Black, 1 (1-1-1-1) ball color Camel.
Phil Frenzy Quality: 1 (1-1-1-1) Sable color ball.

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Aig. No. 3 - Aig. n ° 3,5

Points used

Foam pt
Jacquard (download the diagram)
Embroideries at the started pt, stem pt and past flat pt (download the diagram)
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It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm of jersey and jacquard, ea. No. 3.5 = 23 m. and 30 rows.

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