14 pounds to devour pregnant

14 pounds to devour pregnant

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Pregnant, the questions are jostling and we also have a crazy desire to better understand what is happening in us, to learn and reassure. Practical guides, reference books, but also books full of humor ... our selection to accompany you, inform you (and also relax) during these nine months.

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14 pounds to devour pregnant (14 pics)

I'm waiting for a child 2019

You are expecting a child ... You are asking 1001 questions, I am expecting a child is the reference book on motherhood. He accompanies you throughout your pregnancy, then your delivery, and during the first weeks after birth. He answers all your questions, informs you, reassures you ... in a clear and warm style. At the end of the book, a guide informs you about the administrative, legal and practical steps to be taken.
By Laurence Pernoud, ed. Horay. € 29.90.
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It was 9 months: the essential guide to your pregnancy

Written under the direction of two gynecologists-obstetricians, a reference book that reads month by month and week after week to find the essential information and advice for future mothers. Note recurring headings for reassurance and tips and information for future dads.
Ed. Albin Michel. € 19.90.
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The big book of my pregnancy 2019-2020

Produced in collaboration with experts from the French National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF), this book has the advantage of gathering medical information and advice from moms! Accessible to all, it is a real mine of practical and reassuring information to live fully the fabulous adventure of pregnancy.
Collective work, ed. Eyrolles. € 26.90.
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Pregnant, everything is possible

It's crazy all you can hear during pregnancy ... Are you going to eat that? Do not drink ! Do not take too much weight. Do this. Do not do that ... What to do with (often) contradictory injunctions? Where do the prohibitions come from? Are they still based? With humor and lightness, the journalist Renée Greusard tells her pregnancy of her decision to have a baby at birth and tries to answer these questions and so many others, often taboo, but that are those of today's mothers-to-be. 'hui. By going to meet practitioners, researchers and women, she wanted to find more accurate information to get out of infantilization. And if, pregnant, everything was possible? and if we could even stay mistress of her body? One book at a time, investigation and fascinating testimony.
By Renée Greusard, ed. J.-C. Lattès. 18 €.
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The flawless guide of imperfect parents / Pregnancy

Written in four hands, this illustrated book deals with pregnancy with humor and without language! Presented as "an alternative to simple pregnancy guides full of medical and technical advice", he delivers the secrets and the "true truth" about what awaits us during these nine months, between small evils, big fears, real worries and false beliefs. As a bonus, small games (like "words to throw up"), SMS, hashtags ... often hilarious and frankly guilt!
By Candice Komberg Anzel and Camille Skrzynski. Ed. Marabout. € 7.90.
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Diary of a pregnant woman

This very funny book proposes to live 9 months in the company of a future mother with humor stripper. Maryline Kuehn, better known by the pseudonym Colombe Linotte, portrays with great humor (and just!) The fabulous adventure of pregnancy between small worries, big enigmas and universal anxieties.
By Maryline Kuehn, ed. First. € 9.95.
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My pregnancy book

An album with sweet illustrations to fill to remember the 9 unique months of pregnancy! You will find tabs for each of the major milestones (1st quarter, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, birth), sites to paste the ultrasounds, your photos, texts with hole, free spaces to note your comments, your impressions, and 2 pockets to keep all the memories of this exceptional period.
Collective work, Ed.Gründ. € 19.95.
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Nine months-wait baby

From conception to the first weeks after birth, in a chronological way, this book brings all practical and practical answers to the questions that you ask yourself about this extraordinary, intense experience, made of big and small pleasures, but also of various interrogations (medical, psychological, practical). You will also find a practical notebook: choose your maternity, allowances, equipment
By René Frydman and Christine Schilte, ed. Hatchet. € 24.90.
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Survival Guide for the Mother-to-be

A humorous book that offers 80 lists to help you get through the big belly: the 10 bad reasons to make a baby, the 16 elements to calculate the degree of coolness of your mother-in-law, the checklist of 17 things to do throughout your pregnancy to keep great memories, the 10 sentences that prove that dad is a bit emotional ...
By Marie Thuillier, ed. Tut Tut. € 9.90.
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Girls, I'm pregnant! All the good advice of girlfriends on motherhood

Pregnant ... and already so many questions are jostling "How is it going to happen?", "Am I going to get there?", "What should I prepare?" ... You are lost between the advice of your (beautiful) mother, the books of specialists on the maternity and the sites of childcare ... it is the book which you need! No "must", but advice given with humor and kindness by a mother, Aurélia Dubuc, who leads you into the joys and doubts of pregnancy without preconceived ideas.
By Aurelia Dubuc and Mathou, ed. The Duke. 16 €.
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"Mums, we tell you everything ..."

A midwife for nearly 30 years, Sylvie Coché has delivered more than 10,000 babies and answered all the questions that future mothers or young mothers may have. Suffice to say that it is unbeatable on the subject! In this book, she responds with empathy to all the questions of the mothers and also comes back on the received ideas. Food, health, sexuality, animals, allergies, nausea, sleep ... it makes the point of a clear way, simple ... with a touch of humor to play down. Useful !
By Sylvie Coché, ed. Timely. € 9.90.
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The drunkard of the future mother

This is the bedside book of many future moms! What's going on in your body and how is your baby growing in you? Your nine months are detailed week by week with lots of practical advice to live well these nine months.
By Marie-Claude Delahaye, ed. Marabout. € 7.50.
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The delivery guide

What happens from the last month of pregnancy to baby's arrival? This classic signed one of the first men midwives in France gives you clear details, with photos and diagrams to support you to learn to relieve the D-day and reassure you.
By Benoît Le Goëdec, ed. Larousse. € 10.05.
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Special Baby Instructions

How to prepare a baby's bottle ? what essential material to have? How to change a diaper or how to wear baby scarf? ... so many questions jostling in the head of young parents. This practical guide will help you every day with illustrations and step by step techniques.
First Editions. € 12.95.
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