Choosing Motherhood: Questions to Ask

Choosing Motherhood: Questions to Ask

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To choose the maternity where you will be followed and give birth, do not hesitate to inquire and ask for information. The answers will help you make the choice that best suits your needs.

  • Is it a level 1, 2 or 3 maternity? Public or private?
  • Who will follow me during my pregnancy? Doctor ? A midwife ?
  • Will I find the same person in each of my consultations?
  • What is the annual number of deliveries in the maternity ward? The percentage of caesareans and episiotomy?
  • Will the obstetrician be present during my delivery? Is there always an anesthetist and pediatrician on the spot day and night?
  • In case of transfer of my baby, where will he be taken?
  • Is the sitting or semi-sitting position allowed?
  • Is the use of stirrups mandatory?
  • Is it possible to bring my own music for delivery?
  • At birth, can dad take pictures or film?
  • Can the cord be cut by dad?
  • Can he take his meals at the maternity ward? To sleep there?
  • What is the average length of stay at the maternity ward? If I want an early return home, can I receive home hospitalization?
  • Will my baby stay with me at night? Will I be allowed to take care of him?
  • Is breastfeeding possible right after birth? Is breastfeeding on demand?
  • Are children admitted to maternity?

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