April 1st: pranks, he loves it!

April 1st: pranks, he loves it!

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For April 1st ... prepare your jokes with your little jokers. They will be the first to laugh at it. But beware the slogan: hush! until D-day ... and that's already strong in sensation!

Why April 1st?

  • The tradition goes back in the 16th century. Under the reign of Charles IX, the New Year's date was moved from April 1st to January 1st. But in the tradition, we continued to offer small gifts on April 1, as food, including fish in this period of Lent. Soon, we offered fake fish.

Reverse the roles!

  • As in Hungary ... that day, teachers and schoolchildren exchange places. Have fun for a dinner to swap your roles: "Mr. Papa, we do not put elbows on the table!"

Create goldfish

  • Make them in very strong cardboard for his little hands. Suggest that you decorate it with stickers.
  • In our crafts, we offer a series of fish for free download and cut advent to pin them in the back rogues!

Invent jokes

  • Come on, fill the bottom of the shoes dad of newspaper. We tie his shoes together? Or do we put lots of comforters in the pockets of his coat? Your child is going to anticipate the moment when his father is coming to the pot. Laugh assured.

Introduce him to jokes with Carambar ...

Be careful your little joker of 4-6 years still has a lot of trouble understanding word games. But some jokes Carambar, if you explain the trick to him, will fly. And he will be very proud to produce, too, on his grandparents or his dad, a comic effect. Examples within reach?

  • What does an onion say when it bumps? Aie!
  • Two snails play sports: so this race? I drooled!
  • Where did Mr. and Mrs. Dynamite meet? In a boom.
  • What does a burglar lemon say? More a zest!