How to help his child be less selfish?

How to help his child be less selfish?

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"It's mine!", The house, the car, the computer, the cat, everything belongs to him! Too bad for others, your child does not seem interested in what they think or feel! How to react to a selfish child? The advice of our specialist.

Your child is selfish: who disturbs?

  • Your child. He does not understand that you do not give in to his least demands. This makes him angry.
  • You. You can not stand he's bringing everything back to him. You fear that his "egoism" will create relationship problems.


He believes himself the center of the world! Normal up to 6-7 years

  • Your child believes he is the only point of reference. All that happens is because of or thanks to him and he can not conceive that his entourage think differently.
  • This does not mean that he does not do what others do, but he is convinced that what is good for him is for others ... He is egocentric.
  • This corresponds to a normal stage of his intellectual and psychological development, called the preoperative stage. It will be necessary to wait until it reaches a certain level of maturity, towards 6 or 7 years so that its perception of the world evolves.
  • What has to be done. Explain to him that everyone does not have the same point of view as him, even if he does not understand it yet. Support your remarks by showing him the example!
  • What to tell him. "You see, I'm happy to lend my book to Mamy, and when she finishes reading it, she'll give it back to me!"

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