How to dress my baby in the winter?

How to dress my baby in the winter?

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Our specialists answer questions that have particularly caught the attention of the editors. Mabrouki's question: "My baby is 1 month old and I do not know how to dress him up." At night, he wears a body, a long-sleeved T-shirt, a tights, pajamas and a nest. The temperature of the chamber oscillates between 18 and 20 ° C. At the outside, I add a hat and a combination.

The answer of Dr. Philippe Kowal, pediatrician in Paris

  • "Moms tend to overdress their baby for fear that it is not covered enough, whereas in reality it is rarely the case.In everyday life, the ideal outfit consists of a body (long sleeves in winter, short sleeves when it's better) and a classic daytime outfit, ample and comfortable.
  • In the fall or winter, when you go out, add a coat or a jumpsuit and hat to keep it cool. At home, to find out if your baby is sufficiently covered, here is a trick: take advantage of the moment of the change to make him a kiss on the stomach. It is normally hot? Everything is fine. If he is cold, his skin will be marbled and if he is too hot, he will have red cheeks. But in general, trust yourself, you know your child. "

The mothers' point of view

  • "A good pajamas, a bodysuit, a nest and a hat to go out, that's fine.If it's very cold, I add a wool jacket and, why not, a little fleece blanket I had found woolen bonnets and bodysuits very well at Petit Bateau, if that could help you, do not be afraid to go for a walk. no problem. "Amelie
  • "My delivery is coming soon and I am also wondering how I should dress my baby at home during the first weeks, even though I do not intend to take it out every day." Muriel

Interviewed by Monique Fort

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