30 first names to hum

30 first names to hum

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Want a melodious name for baby? Think of the names of the songs! Izia, Roxanne, Andy, Laura ... discover 30 first names to hum. And above all, turn up the sound!

Karine Ancelet

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30 names to hum (30 photos)


It is undoubtedly one of the most famous ballads of Rolling Stones (1973). If anyone said it to David Bowie's wife, Angela, it was actually to Keith Richards' daughter. This pretty diminutive you like? Greek eggelos, "the messenger", this diminutive Anglo-Saxon could well bring you a message to you too ... the idea of ​​the name of your future doll! His birthday: January 27th.


"Ella, she has that I do not know what others do not have ..." Give an exceptional name to your baby with this beautiful name sung in 1987 by France Gall in tribute to another singer Ella Fitzgerald. From the Anglo-Saxon AELF, meaning "elf", it is celebrated on February 1st.

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"It's Alexandre, it's still Alexandre, it's always Alexandre ..." which connects the nonsense in the song Alexandre de Nino Ferrer (1966). Hope yours will be quieter! From the Greek alexein "to protect" and andros "man, warrior", Alexander has everything of a big name and was given to emperors, tsars, kings ... In short, a royal name which is celebrated on April 22nd.


"Melissa, mixed race Ibiza ..." a song that gives the rhythm and a name that makes you want to travel. Chosen by Julien Clerc in 1984 in tribute to his mother of Caribbean origin, this name comes from the Greek melissa, "the bee" and is as sweet as honey. His birthday: November 10th.


"Oh Denis ooh-be-do, I'm in love with you" ... in 1978, in his song Denis, Blondie made his statement to a frenchie ... Denis Quilliard aka Jacno, a dandy of pop. Are you in love with you too? The first name Denis comes from the GreekDionysos, son of God. Called Bacchus by the Latins, Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and vine. His birthday: October 9th.


"Layla, you got me on my knees" ... in 1970, Eric Clapton sign in planetary tube. The title Layla comes from a story of Arab origin Majnoun and Leila, that of an impossible love. The singer also saw one at the time with Pattie Boyd, wife of Georges Harrisson, his best friend. A name full of passion therefore. In Arabic, it means "the beautiful night-colored eyes".


Jimmy, it's James Dean in the famous opera-rock of Michel Berger and Luc Plamandon (1990). A name of legend ... Derived Anglo-Saxon of Jacques, stemming from the Hebrew ya'aqob, "that God favors", it is celebrated on July 25th.


Elisa, Elisa ... this 1969 song of Serge Gainsbourg who knows so well we trot in the head also evokes the pretty film with Vanessa Paradis and Gerard Depardieu. Related to the first name Elisabeth, Elisa comes from Hebrew Elisheba which means "God is fullness" and is celebrated like her on November 17th. Side character, your doll will probably be independent ...

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"The other side of me ... blood of me ..." a pretty ballad of Jacques Higelin for his daughter Izïa, born in 1991, of course! From Hebrew Yesha which means "hello" or "God saves", it is celebrated on July 6th. For your baby's blood to you?

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Meet you all the way, Rosanna ... a song from the rock band toto who made noise in 1982! Written in honor of actress Rosanna Arquette, she gave this name to the agenda. Derived from the name Rose, from the Latin "rosa", pink, symbol of love, this name is also that of the patron saint of Latin America.Her party: August 23.


"Where does the man go, where is love, what is it to love?" Arthur, the song of Michel Jonasz was composed in 1987 in tribute to Arthur Simms, American singer and actor who was also his chorister. A name with retro charm found in many other songs such as Bobby Lapointe (When are we going where?), William Sheller (Uncle Arthur and me) or Patricia Kaas (Song of love not finished). Celtic artos, "bear", or art, "stone", Arthur is celebrated on November 15th.


Let's save love ... with this name big anti-racism tube Daniel Balavoine in 1985 in tribute to his Moroccan Jewish wife. Female form of Aziz which means in Arabic darling, loved, precious, this name has no date of celebration ... Why not September 13 with Aimee?


Alexandria, Alexandra ... a disco tube of 1977 in which Claude François evokes his native Egypt. Ideal for a little girl full of rhythm! Feminine of Alexander, who comes from the Greek Alexein, "defend", and andros, "the man, the warrior", Alexandra is celebrated on March 20th.


"Oh oh, Laura, I'll have so much to learn from you" ... nice tribute from Johnny Hallyday in1986 for her daughter, then 3 years old. The name has, at the time, jumped in the charts too! Laura comes from Latin laurus, "laurels of laureates" and is celebrated on October 19th.


"Time is Love" ... Lucie is a very pretty song of Pascal Obispo (1996) on passing time and childhood. This was also the title of a Daniel Balavoine song. A bright idea of ​​baby's first name because Lucie comes from Latin lux, lucis, "the light". His birthday: December 13th.


Gaby Oh Gaby ... in 1980, it's the tidal wave for this song ofAlain Bashung who has the power to stay in the head! Mixed first name, Gaby is the diminutive of Gabrielle, the Hebrew words "gabur" and "el", whose meaning refers to the "strength of God." 7. His birthday: September 29th.

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We dare Josephine! With its title Osez Joséphine, the singer Alain Bashung relaunched his career in 1991. From Hebrew yôsephyâh, "God will add", this is a name that hides a talkative and playful girl ... Her birthday: February 8th.

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"I drew on the sand ..." You want that name come back? Think of him! Slow of summer in 1965, this song of Christophe was composed in a quarter of an hour ... with another name in mind at the beginning, the one whose singer was in love at the time. Germanic adal, "noble", and lind"sweetness" is a diminutive of Adeline. His birthday: October 20th.


"The clover ace that will sting your heart" ... You remember the rapper's song MC Solaar ? And if Caroline became your ace of heart ... From germain karl, "manly", this sweet name is a derivative of Charlotte to celebrate July 17th.


Say yes to Andy from Rita Mitsouko ! "Chou Andy, tell me yes ...", this song of 1986 gave again the rating to this first name. From the Greek andros, "man", Andy is a diminutive of Andrew, himself from French Andre. His birthday: November 30th.


Maria, Maria ... a must Carlos Santana in 1999. Ave Maria ... you found it the first name of your princess! International form of Mary, this name comes from the Hebrew myriam, meaning "the one who raises". To celebrate August 15th.


"Vanina ah ah ah ... ..." an unforgettable song of Dave (1974) It did not take a wrinkle (or almost!). Hebrew Johanan meaning God (Yahweh) forgives. Especially used in Sweden and Russia, the Vanina form was originally a mere diminutive of Jeanne. His birthday: June 24th.


"My name is Emilie Jolie ..." the musical tale of Luc Chatel inspired parents! The year of its release in 1979, the number of small Emilie has increased from 5074 to 11885! Originally, it was the little Emilie, daughter of the singer, who asked him for a song with a blue rabbit ... It has come a long way. From Latin Aemilius, name of a Roman family, Emilie celebrates September 19th.


Rooooooxane ... nobody has forgotten this name of the group tube Police ! A name that may inspire you for your choupette. Persian raokshnaRoxanne means "shining like the dawn". It is also celebrated October 4 with the name Aurore.


"Evora, Evora, Evora ...", in Ave Cesaria (2014), Stromae pays tribute to Cape Verde singer Cesaria Evora, nicknamed "the barefoot princess". Of Portuguese origin, this first name means "the one that represents the balance". An original choice!


"Ooh, Aicha, Aicha, listen to me ..." This is a nice name for your Queen of Sheba. He cracked more than one future parent in 1996 with this song of Khaled. From an Arabic word meaning "the one who will live, the one who is full of life", here is a name so full of sun that is celebrated on September 6th with Eva.


Written by John Lennon for his mother Julia Stanley, this song of John Lennon(1968) may inspire you ... Anglo-Saxon form of Julie, from Latin oulos meaning "whole, in the natural state", this name is sweet and is celebrated on April 8th.


"Four consonants and three vowels is Raphael's first name, I whisper it in my ear and every letter amazes me ..." In 2002, Carla Bruni puts in song the name Raphael in light, that of his love of then Raphael Enthoven. Today in good position in the top of the first names, Raphael comes from the Hebrew Rephael, "God has healed" He hides a dynamic personality! His birthday: September 29th.

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Etienne, Etienne, Etienne ... You may have your idea of ​​baby name with this song of Guesh Patti, true success in 1988. From the Greek stephanos, "the crown", it is celebrated on December 26th.


"Your life line is very pretty, your heart line does not scare me ..." in 2001, the Great Sophie puts Martin in the spotlight in his album "Lucky charm" and it brings him luck! It's up to you to do the same with your baby by giving him that name. Latin martinus, Mars, god of war, it is celebrated on November 11.

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