3 good reasons to love the holidays

3 good reasons to love the holidays

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End of year celebrations, birthdays ... family reunions are a plus in your child's life. They help him to fit into the history and family tradition, they reassure him, open to others ... Do not sulk!

  • If they are a pretext for beautiful gatherings, family reunions can sometimes be synonymous with obligations and constraints. Not easy to deal with your own brother who does not speak to the mother of your husband or your sister who always has a say on the meal you have concocted with affection ...
  • This year, you would say well package, to not mix your child with possible tensions. Yet according to the studies, the family would remain a safe haven and any opportunity to build family ties around a festive event would be welcome. So do not sulk! Family gatherings are a place of learning, openness to the world and transmission for your child.

Holidays are part of history and family tradition

  • Celebrate birthdays, Christmas, weddings secular or religious events, is an opportunity for your child to register in a family time. "Family reunions are moments that punctuate, punctuate, ritualize certain religious and cultural traditions, and generating repetition is extremely reassuring for the child," explains Séverine Mathieu, sociologist.
  • "It's an opportunity to decorate the house, to prepare certain culinary specialties, to talk to each other, to talk about its origins, to rediscover its roots.These meetings are a place where values ​​of the family are transmitted. family rites that can be shared with others In this inscription, the child is built as a member of this family, which gives him a place and strengthens his sense of belonging, "says the sociologist.

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