3 antistress exercises

To live a serene pregnancy is possible! Just take the time to relax several times a day. Give yourself some breaks for targeted gymnastics that will relax you, soothe your muscles and soothe your tensions.

Exercise 1: Restoring blood circulation and flexibility of the feet

  • Standing, press the flat of all your toes on the floor, bending the front parts of each foot: your heels stand up.
  • Then rock on your heels, lift the front of the feet and rotate them gently to the right and left.
  • Alternate the toe and heel position several times to stretch the calves.
  • Finally, massage the soles of the feet by playing each ankle, passing from one foot to the other several times.
  • Now, take a foot off the ground and rotate it to the right and left. Your leg stays straight, only the ankle works and relaxes.
  • Go to the other foot.

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