10 tips from moms (and dads) to eat everything

10 tips from moms (and dads) to eat everything

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Salty, sweet, sweet, spicy, bitter ... so that your children discover the flavors of life, parents and professionals entrust you with their "tricks" that work. To follow without moderation ...

More than one trick in the fridge

  • "I love cooking and I talk a lot about food for my daughter, we play at the dinner table, I always name food: you see that, it's a radish, listen like that crunches, my tip? the next day, so I have two meals ready for Anna, if she does not like - for example, ham-fennel-béchamel prepared the day before - she will eat with us the minced meat planned for tonight. offers a lot of flavors, without straining, with a choice. " Alain, dad of Anna, 2 years old.

Put a little shape ...

The plate must be envied. If it's not beautiful, "yuck!" Will say your little esthete.

  • "My daughter eats everything, but I have always made sure to attract her visually.I prepare pretty plates by composing with different foods flowers, characters ... I incorporate new foods in small quantities so that she tastes everything, it works! " Sylvia, mother of Louise, 5 years old.

Sun in the pasta!

  • "I add one or two vegetables to the salted cooking water, cauliflower and bell pepper in strips, carrot slices, broccoli heads ... Everything is cooked together, it's easy and complete. Filet of olive oil Recently, I sometimes take semi-complete pasta ... al dente, like my Italian grandmother! " Corine, mother of Rose, 5 years old.

See him to believe him

  • "I go shopping with Séréna, I show her that food does not come out of nowhere, the other day I made salmon, she said it was ham, she cried ... so I told her I showed a big salmon on the Internet and we went to the market to admire it ... " Cesarine, mother of Serena, 3 years old.

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