4 pounds to occupy during the summer

4 pounds to occupy during the summer

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A book on the beach, an album to draw, a coloring book ... these are some ways to keep your toddler busy until the beginning of the school year.

1 book

  • To the beach ! Do you still enjoy the sea? Offer him this little marine photographer. Like all the albums in the Kididoc collection, it is very attractive with its bright colors, zippers and flaps to lift. The image is a good way to observe and develop vocabulary (yes a trawler, it's not like a boat!).
  • From 2 years, At the beach!, Editions Nathan, 8,90 €.
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  • I draw ! Travelling. 50 cards with a big felt pen to draw waves, fish under the liner, animals in the savannah, coloring the shapes ... in short, take care during the trip.
  • The +? The big felt given is erasable!
  • From 5 years, I draw ! Traveling, Usborne editions, € 8.50.
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  • The Book with a hole. He has a big hole in the middle, this album! But as always Hervé Tullet, the author, stimulates, awakens, invites to create, this time around this hole that becomes in turn a tropical pool, the center of a target, the jaw of a crocodile!
  • From 4 years, The book with a hole, editions Bayard, 12,90 €.
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A book for creativity

  • We are creative girls and creative boys. Usually, we are not excited about the concepts that supposedly target girls or boys! But these two, with their five chapters (In 5 minutes, With three times nothing, To play outside, Recover, Between girlfriends) teeming with ideas to occupy your prince or princess all the summer!
  • From 4 years old, We are creative girls / creative boys, Flammarion, 14,40 €
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