4 reasons to use essential oils with your child

4 reasons to use essential oils with your child

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Homéo, phyto, osteo ... you like to look after your child in a natural way. Aromatherapy, have you ever tried it? If essential oils are to be used with care especially with children they know how to provide solutions for a smooth health.

Aromatherapy, what is it?

  • A parent of herbal medicine, this complementary medicine is based on the use ofes essential oils (HE) extracted by distillation from root, seed, leaf, flower, bark, fruit.
  • These are concentrates with very powerful active principles that act effectively to fight against viruses, bacteria, pain, fungi, parasites and against many disorders: stress, sleep ... Essential oils are used in inhalation, aerial dispersion, dermal application, orally also.
  • Precautions for use: Essential oils have many benefits that should be used with the advice of a specialist, physician aromatherapist or pharmacist. Because while some are beneficial, others can be allergenic and sometimes toxic.
  • As a general rule, they should not be used, at least without medical advice, by pregnant and lactating women and children under 7 years of age except in some cases like the ones we selected.

1 / To promote falling asleep (from 3 years old)

  • Aromatherapy can soothe your child who is too upset at bedtime and has trouble falling asleep. Pour 2 drops of essential oil of True lavenderon a handkerchief that you will place near his pillow.
  • To allow your child to relax and fully enjoy the sedative qualities of True lavenderyou can put 2 drops in a cup so that it diffuses in his room before the time of the bedtime.

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