Pregnant: solutions to sleep problems

Pregnant: solutions to sleep problems

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Nocturnal awakenings, drowsiness, tiredness ... Do you have trouble sleeping since you got pregnant? These disorders are part of the ills of pregnancy and, if they are never serious, they can spoil your daily life. Our solutions to better manage your sleep.

You really want to sleep and take a nap in the middle of the day, the night you turn in circles in your bed ... since you are pregnant, your sleep is capricious. Normal, nature is well done! By changing your pace during pregnancy, you prepare to deal with chaotic nights after giving birth. If it is reassuring to know, it does not solve everything. Our solutions to better manage your sleep.

You have the bar of the day

  • You always nose after the meal, transport, the evening in front of the TV ... This irrepressible desire to sleep is frequent during the first three months and disappears in the second trimester of your pregnancy.
  • Why these bars? This is due to hormones, especially to the increase of progesterone and its sedative effects.

The simplest solution: sleep!

Obviously, this is not possible at any time, such as in the office, for example. Some ideas to keep your eyes open:

  • Recover as soon as possible by going to bed early at night and taking a nap at the weekend.
  • During the day, in case of drowsiness, the ideal is to walk a few minutes in the fresh air, to pass a fogger on the face or to drink a squeezed lemon juice.
  • Homeopathy is also very useful and Claudette Rocher, a gynecologist, in her book Homeopathy of the pregnant woman (Marabout ed.), advises taking five granules upon awakening of Nux moschata 15 CH.
  • Hélène Boyé, midwife, offers you, she, a little exercise to do after the meal or as soon as your eyelids become heavy. Sitting, you focus on your breathing. Inhale by swelling the belly and visualize the breath that comes in and out of the body. This moment of relaxation stimulates the lymphatic circulation, facilitates the digestion and vivifies while relaxing.

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