Pregnancy and animals: what are the risks?

Pregnancy and animals: what are the risks?

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No way to separate from your cat, dog or turtle on the pretext that you are pregnant! But be careful all the same: these charming little animals can give you diseases to avoid during your pregnancy.

For years your cat has slept with you or you have been cuddling your dog ... and you've never caught anything, so why worry? Because of your condition that makes you more vulnerable. During pregnancy, especially at the beginning, there is a slight decrease in immunity so that the baby is not rejected by the mother's body. This small immune depression makes it more susceptible to infections in general, including those transmitted by animals. A few simple precautions and good hygiene will be enough to protect you from zoonoses, diseases that pass from animals to humans.


What's this ?

  • This zoonosis, by far the most common in France, is due to a small bacterium that is home to the gums of dogs and cats essentially. About 40% of the dogs are carriers and 70 to 80% of the cats, without any symptoms being apparent in the animal. Any slight bite, any scratch, can contaminate you.

It's serious ?

  • If your pet has passed on pasteurellosis to you, you will soon find out. In the hours that follow, the area of ​​the bite or scratch becomes very painful, swells, is red and inflamed. The reaction is most often out of proportion with the bite or the scratch.
  • In this case, consult your doctor promptly so that he prescribes an antibiotic treatment, and everything will be in order! By acting without delay, you will prevent your white blood cells from having the time to release too many "cytokines", substances responsible for neutralizing the bacteria, which have another effect of stimulating the prostaglandins, hormones at the origin of the uterine contractions. You will especially avoid other boring complications.
  • In the absence of treatment, inflammation is gaining ground and can lead to some problems such as sore tendons or joint problems.

How to protect yourself?

  • During your pregnancy, avoid games and hiccups that may cause your pet to scratch or scratch. And if that happens, clean with soap and water for at least five minutes - that's the time it takes to get rid of most bacteria.

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