6 tracks to be a dad at the top

6 tracks to be a dad at the top

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Your companion returns from maternity with your baby ... Nine months that you expected it. No way to miss this great moment! Our tips and tricks to help you surround them during these first weeks.

1. Make reassuring!

When the mother returns from maternity, she is often in a state of hypersensitivity. Tired, she can live a little period of baby-blues and burst into tears at the slightest remark. Do not rush it! She needs your encouragement.

  • Council +:In case of difficulty, if breastfeeding does not go well or seems depressed after a few weeks, encourage her to seek help by contacting a PMI or midwife. This step is not obvious for a young mother, feeling guilty of feeling overwhelmed.
  • The phrase that is good: "I think you're doing very well, I trust you."

2. Make screen

This child, you've been talking about it for nine months. Normal that your loved ones are looking forward to meeting him. An uninterrupted flow of visits, however, is exhausting for the baby and the mother. You will have plenty of time to make the presentations. "Daddy can more easily play a role of filter, says Muriel André, midwife.The mother, she fears to upset his family and dare not often confess that she is tired."

  • Council +: do not hesitate to connect the answering machine from time to time. As for your mom, you are also in the best position to tell him that she is adorable but that she does not have to phone ... three times a day!
  • The phrase to avoid: "My mother called to find out if you had enough milk to breastfeed Theo." To see the exasperated look of your partner, you will quickly understand that it is better to pass this type of message in silence ...

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