Food and pregnancy: all you need to know

Food and pregnancy: all you need to know

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During these nine months, feeding yourself is good for you and your baby. As it develops and strengthens, you prepare for a healthy birth and a quick recovery. What to eat, drink ... All our tips for a balanced diet.


What pregnant power?

During your pregnancy, you have two main concerns: do not gain too much weight and eat enough so that your baby does not suffer from deficiencies. In fact, you should also have at least one other: do not arrive exhausted the day of delivery. 8 tips to display on the fridge! Well eat pregnant, easy!

What can pregnant women eat?

Why is folic acid so important and how many liters do pregnant women need to drink each day? Test your knowledge of nutrition during pregnancy. I'm doing the quiz.

Weight and pregnancy: all you need to know

Your weight ... it will be monitored throughout your pregnancy. Pregnant, your weight gain must be regular, neither too much nor too little. Why is it important to monitor your weight gain? How not to gain too much weight? Control your cravings? What is gestational diabetes? All our articles. Weight: the right measure.

Prohibited foods during pregnancy

Sushi, beef tartar, raw milk cheeses ... To avoid any risk of contamination with listeriosis and toxoplasmosis, certain foods are strongly discouraged during pregnancy. Little reminder.

Pregnant, can I stay carnivorous?

It is true, the meat can be, if it is badly cooked, carrier of germs prejudicial to the future mothers ... But it contains so many essential elements to the organism that it is, in the eyes of the nutritionists, unthinkable of to pass. Good proteins ...

Pregnant, how many calories a day?

Pregnant, feeding is especially important. The future mother and her baby have very specific energy and nutritional needs. The golden rule for both to be in excellent health? Adopt a healthy, varied and balanced diet while ensuring you consume a certain number of calories. I take stock.

Cheese: what am I entitled to?

You can quite eat cheese during your pregnancy ... but not just any. Some cheeses are to be avoided to avoid listeriosis. Little recap 'to see clearly. Permitted or not?

5 trace minerals friends of pregnancy

Iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, iodine ... these are 5 trace elements to be favored during these nine months. Present in very small quantities in the body, these trace elements have great effects on your shape during pregnancy and on that of your future baby.Valuable allies.

What do you know about nausea?

You're sick of nothing ... Nausea, real wounds, prevent you from fully enjoying the happiness of being pregnant. But what do you know about this phenomenon, after all very commonplace? Test your knowledge with our quiz. I'm doing the quiz.

Foods that want him well

During your pregnancy, your future baby feeds on what you eat. A balanced diet is therefore essential to ensure an excellent health capital. Dominique Poulain, dietician, gives you her advice. Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids ... he needs them to grow.

Fibers, allies of pregnancy

Dietary fiber, we know that they improve transit. Ideal to avoid or relieve intestinal disorders during pregnancy or even after baby! But they also have other virtues ... and some less known disadvantages. Our advice to consume them wisely. Why they are an asset

Pregnant, what lunch break if I work?

Under no circumstances should you skip this lunch break during your pregnancy. If you work and have to take your meals out of the house, whether with dinner vouchers, a home-meal brought to work, or the canteen ... our advice to ensure your food balance. A healthy break.

Vegetarian diets, gluten-free ... risks for the future baby?

Are you pregnant and follow a veggie or gluten-free diet? However, during pregnancy, it is advisable to eat everything so that the future baby does not suffer from any deficiency. Is reconcilable? Reasonable ? We take stock. What precautions?

Mom's future recipes

Are you looking for recipe ideas for your future mom's meals? Find our recipes and the advantages of the ingredients that compose them. See the recipes.

Water: a safe bet for your diet

Pregnant, it is not advisable to eat for two. On the other hand, drink for two! Your calcium and magnesium requirements are increasing. Hence the importance of drinking more ... water. What water and how much?

What pregnant breakfast?

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day ... it's all the more true during pregnancy. Which foods should be favored? And which ones to avoid? We take stock.

Pregnant crudités: good practices

During pregnancy, where mineral and fiber requirements are increased, nutritionists recommend that pregnant women consume at least one crudity at each meal. What crudités to privilege and precautions to take? We make the point in true-false. True or false ?

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